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Imports and Exports in Norway

Imports and Exports in Norway

Norway is a member of several trade conventions and has partnerships with other states which grant to this country advantageous conditions and a well organized import-export climate. This makes Norway a good choice for the initiation of a business activity. One of the main exporters of petroleum in Europe, Norway has as principal export destinations Germany and United Kingdom. Last year, the Norwegian import raised above 81 billion dollars which makes Norway one of the first 40 importers in the world. Our experts in company formation in Norway can answer to questions that foreign investors might have on the import-export provisions in this country

Trade agreements in Norway

As a member of the EFTA (European Free Trade Agreement) convention, Norway has preferential trade conditions with 37 countries from around the world, including the European countries as well as Mexico and Canada. Moreover Norway takes part as well in the EEA convention which provides free movement of goods, services, persons and capital inside the European Union. 

Norwegian company who conducts import activity in Norway will benefit from the local transportation conventions. Norway sustained and implemented the TIR convention, a universal transit system facilitating the movement of goods in-between states. Moreover, A.T.A. convention regulates the functioning of custom duties and the transit in Norway. The A.T.A. carnet, issued in conformity with the requirements of the authorities, facilitates the temporary admission of goods in Norway. 

Our specialists in company registration in Norway can explain which legal aspects concerning import or export in this country may be of interest for your business. The Norwegian VAT registration process might also be helped by our company registration agents. They can help both domestic and foreign enterprises dealing with VAT-taxable supplies obtain local VAT numbers once they reach the necessary minimum turnover. For thorough details about our services, get in touch with us.

Conditions regarding import-export in Norway

Some goods, belonging to the most popular industries in Norway, can be imported in Norway without advance notification. Such products include:

  • • electrical energy,
  • • pipeline goods,
  • • printed matter, electronic media;
  • • goods pursuant to EEA Agreement or covered by an ATA Carnet etc.

Upon exportation the custom clearance procedure imposes the presentation of a declaration containing information on the goods, such as the type, quantity and value of the products, the number of packages, and the delivery terms. An invoice for the sale of goods might be as well required in specific situations. 

Foreign investors can rely on our specialists for complete information regarding the import-export legal provisions in this country and for assistance with opening a trading company in Norway. Feel free to contact our consultants for any other business formation services. If you choose to open a company in Norway, you are able to rely on our local specialists. Both the drafting of the necessary documents and their submission to the Companies Registry are services we can provide. We could also assist you with a number of other concerns, such as filing your taxes and getting the necessary business licenses for your desired activity.