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Set Up a Real Estate Business in Norway

Set Up a Real Estate Business in Norway

What are the advantages of investing in the Norwegian real estate sector?  

Norway offers a set of competitive advantages when investing in the real estate sector. Foreign investors can benefit from a simpler transaction procedure and in this sense, it is important to know that such transactions are completed faster compared to other European countries. Foreign investors who want to open a company in Norway in the real estate sector may operate various transactions through the local banks. If the investors consider investing through a Norwegian bank, the institution will require specific company documents, such as the company’s business plan and others and such papers can be processed in only three weeksOur team of consultants in company formation in Norway can assist with in-depth advice on this matter. 

What are the main corporate taxes applicable to real estate businesses in Norway? 

Just like in the case of any other business carried out in Norwayreal estate companies are liable to taxation. Investors interested in starting the procedure of company registration in Norway in this industry will be liable to taxation following the below mentioned taxation scheme:

  • withholding tax on dividends – the standard tax rate in this case is applicable at the rate of 25%, but investors can be fully exempted if they qualify under one of the double taxation treaties signed by Norway;
  • • transfer tax – this tax, also known as the stamp duty, is imposed at the rate of 2,5%
  • withholding tax on gains – Norway does not impose a tax related to this matter;
  • withholding tax on the repayment of capital – Norway provides a tax exemption as well. 

We can also offer support in obtaining VAT numbers in Norway. Obtaining a VAT number can be a lengthy procedure, depending on a variety of aspects, such as having a thorough application file. Contact us if you require assistance acquiring your registration number as soon as possible. Our company incorporation experts will help you create and complete the required paperwork for VAT registration in Norway.

What is the main regulation available for construction projects in Norway? 

The main rule of law which regulates the manner in which construction projects are to be carried out in Norway is given by the Planning and Building Act. Our team of specialists in company registration in Norway can provide legal advice on specific provisions that can be of interest for the investors operating in this sector. 

The Act offers the legal understanding regarding the construction, demolition, alteration or removal of various real estate projects and businessmen can contact our team of representatives in company formation in Norway for consultancy services regarding this rule of law, as well as on other regulations applicable to this sector.