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Open a Fintech Company in Norway

Open a Fintech Company in Norway

One of the most modern financial domains, Fintech (financial technology) has a powerful support in Norway. Norwegian companies dealing with trading, banking or who offer different financial products employ Fintech instruments in order to improve their business strategies. If you want to open a Fintech company in Norway you will be able to profit from the highly developed technological level of this country. You can call on the experience and knowledge of our specialists in company formation in Norway for the set-up of a Fintech company in this country.

Register a Fintech company in Norway

Investors who decide to open a Fintech company in Norway should first of all be informed on the registration procedures in this country. After you develop a strong business plan and establish business connections with local partners you can make a name reservation at the Brønnøysund Register Centre. This institution is also the place where you can register your business entity after you choose an appropriate legal form for your Fintech company.

The Norwegian state imposes licencing requirements for the functioning of business entities in the Fintech domain. In order to be prepared to enter the Norwegian market and establish an office in this country, you can discuss with our specialists in company registration in Norway in order to make sure you comply with the legal provisions of this country.

The same VAT rules apply to domestic and foreign companies doing business in Norway. A need for all of them is getting VAT numbers. Contact our agents if you run a foreign business and need assistance registering for VAT in Norway. You can count on us for any further accounting-related services.

Why choose Norway for setting up a Fintech company?

Since Fintech companies require advanced technological platforms as well as continuous innovation, you can profit of the highly skilled personnel of Norway in the field of computer programing. Behavioral analytics as well as machine learning are only two of the instruments used in the Norwegian Fintech landscape

The Norwegian Government supports and invests in the Fintech market since this area represents one of the most important driving forces of the local economy. You could decide either to live in this country, or conduct your Fintech business from abroad. The safe and transparent business climate in Norway encourages many investors to open a company in the financial technology sector in this country. 

If you need to find out more details on the establishment and registration of a Fintech company feel free to contact our experts in company registration in Norway and ask for assistance. In case you need web design services for your business, we recommend our partners – WebDesignUK.London.