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Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Norway

Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Norway

What is the main rule of law related to marketing activities in Norway?

Marketing activities conducted by companies operating in Norway are regulated under the Control of Marketing and Contract Terms and Conditions (the Marketing Control Act). The Act is available on the Norwegian territory, as well as on other territories that under the jurisdiction of this country, such as the Svalbard island. Businessmen who want to open a company in Norway  in this sector will need to follow the regulations established by this Act, which also describes what is considered unfair commercial practicesOur team of specialists in company registration in Norway can offer in-depth advice on the main rules of law deriving from this Act.

Registering for VAT means obtaining a unique code that can be used for other purposes than selling goods and services. For example, it can be used to register in the EORI system, which is connected to import and export-related activities. For help with VAT registration in Norway, you can rely on our officers if you need any of these.

What are the main provisions of the Marketing Control Act in Norway?    

The Act provides the legal understanding related to the particular forms of marketing that can be conducted by Norwegian companies, as well as rules of law related to the prohibition of telephone marketing for clients who have opted out from this type of marketing system. It also offers the legal understanding on the main definitions concerning this industry, such as:

  • • the consumer is considered a natural person who does not act for commercial purposes;
  • • the trader – the natural person or legal entity acting for commercial purposes; the term also refers to other parties acting in the name of a marketing business;
  • • the product  – can refer to goods, services, immovable property, as well as to rights and obligations;
  • commercial practice – designates any activity related to the advertising and marketing of a product or service, which has as a main purpose promotion or sale activities

These provisions are available under the Section 5 of the Act and our team of consultants in company formation in Norway may provide further information. The Act also provides regulations related to the promotion of goods addressed to children. 

It is important to know that specific advertising activities, such as those related to the promotion of alcohol beverages, are imposed with specific restrictions and investors may address to our team of representatives in company formation in Norway for consultancy services related to this matter.