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Open a Norwegian Business for Selling Food and Beverages

Open a Norwegian Business for Selling Food and Beverages

The food and beverage industry in Norway is comprised of approximately 2,300 companies, which have 48,000 employees. The investors who want to open a company in Norway in this industry should know that the country has several factories set up by large international food corporations, but the Norwegian brands are dominating this market. Our team of consultants in company formation in Norway can assist foreign investors with advice on the main legal requirements for selling food and beverages in this country. 

Requirements for importing food products to Norway 

Although numerous food products are manufactured in Norway, a large part of the food and beverages industry is represented by imported products. Investors who are interested in starting the procedure of company formation in Norway for a business that will handle import-export activities will need to comply with a set of requirements. Our representatives can offer advice on the following: 

  • • when importing food in Norway, it is necessary to have a responsible person in this country; 
  • • the responsible person (or consignee) may also be a company, in which case the required control of goods must be performed by the latter;
  • • in order to import food products in this country, the company has to be registered with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority;
  • • if operating through a consignee company, it is necessary to verify if the business operator is also registered with the above mentioned institution. 

We are also at your service with VAT registration services in Norway.

Organic food and beverages in Norway  

A sector with a high potential for development is the organic food and beverages industry. Those who want to sell organic foodstuffs and beverages should know that the local agriculture is sustained by the Norwegian government through several incentives. The market is mainly characterized by small-sized companies registered in Norwayoperating at a regional level

The types of products that are sold as organic goods range from milk, meat products, fruits and vegetables, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, eggs and others, but dairy products represent the largest market segment in this case. Businessmen are invited to contact our team of specialists in company registration in Norway for more information on this subject.