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Obtaining Special Permits and Licenses in Norway

Obtaining Special Permits and Licenses in Norway

Norway is one of the most developed countries in Europe and around the world, with an important word to say in the global economic system. The foreign investors who set up a company in this country might be interested in the local commercial legislation and the requirements concerning the special permits and licenses in Norway.

Our specialists in company formation
 can provide concise and updated information on the Norwegian licensing policies for businesses and enterprises in various domains. 

Are there more types of special business licenses in Norway?

Depending on the profile of your enterprise you might need to apply with the Norwegian authorities for specific types of business licenses. The Commercial code stipulates that certain activities such as the production and commercialization of food or alcohol requires particular permits in order to take place legally on the Norwegian territory. 

The following list states the most popular business areas in which Norway demands the obtaining of a license:

license for restaurants or other food premises;

gambling license;

bar license, allowing enterprises to serve alcohol;

license to operate in the field of oil extraction and processing;

broadcasting license for radio or television.

Our consultants in company formation in Norway are ready to help you apply for any businesslicense or permitavailable in Norway. VAT registration in Norway is also available for foreign companies as long as they appoint a local agent. The representative and the company are jointly liable for reporting and paying VAT to the Norwegian authorities. Additionally, the agent is in responsible of handling all communications between the company and the Norwegian tax authorities.

How to obtain special licenses in Norway?

According to the legislative system in Norway a company can apply for a special license such as the oil license only if the enterprise has been open. Since this area is quite popular for foreign investments, the Ministry of Petroleum must evaluate the projects of the company and its future economic and social impact in this country. The license is usually awarded for specific exploitation regions called blocks. 

food license for restaurants on the other hand can be applied for at the municipality. Each municipality might have different requirements so you might need specialized help from one of our experts in company registration in Norway in order to explain you what documents you need to provide within your application.

You are invited to contact our specialists in company formation in Norway to clarify all aspects concerning the application for a special business license in this country.